Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Che: He's dead

Obviously miffed by recent claims to the contrary, the Castro regime has taken the highly unusual step of announcing that the remains of Ernesto "Che" Guevara buried in the central Cuban city of Santa Clara are not fakes.

According to this Reuters report, Cuban officials held a press conference yesterday to reveal that they had undertaken extensive DNA testing on the buried bones.

And sure enough, the officials said that the tests confirmed the Santa Clara remains do in fact belong to the middle-class Argentinian who’s launched a million cheap, Chinese-made "revolutionary" t-shirts.

The bones were returned for burial in Cuba in 1997, three decades after Guevara was killed in the Bolivian countryside, having failed spectacularly to turn South America into “another Vietnam”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the bones are really his, as claimed. The very least that "Che" owes the Cuban people, to whose suffering and misery he contributed so much, is the small satisfaction of disposing of his bones in the most ignominious way possible--or, at a minimum, getting them out of Cuba forever.

2:30 am  
Blogger Jose Aparicio said...

I don't understand the "Che" mythos. Well, I do understand it. It comes from people not knowing the horries his idealism turned into.

It must have been easy to find his bones. They must have been rolling from seeing his face plastered on shirts and sold for 20 bucks a pop which goes against everything he stood for.

10:24 am  

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